10 tips for vacationers in Isfahan

10 suggestions for tourists in Isfahan
Isfahan is the most well-known tourist city in Iran.
Every passenger arriving in Iran,Isfahan is at the top of its cities.The city of Isfahan has hundreds of historical and natural sites and its pristine nature,annually welcomes many travelers.Isfahan is a collection of beauties that has been awarded to this cityand its people.Ancient history,Rich architecture,Deep Beautiful Nature,The  watery River,Beautiful monuments, and hard-working people,all rewards are from the Lord to this land.And that’s why Isfahan is dubbed to : A Tiny Earthly Paradise.Isfahan can not be seen within 2 or 3 days,It may take a week to see Isfahan in full.
But we suggest that you visit these sections:

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan

1-The Naghsh-e-Jahan Sq, the splendor of Isfahan.
Every tourist that arrive Isfahan, will visit this square.The most beautiful Isfahan’s are in this square.Ali Ghapoo magnificent building,Qeysarieh Bazar,Imam Mosque with blue tiles,
and the masterpiece of the Safavid era architecture Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, a mosque with breathtaking beauty that attracts every traveler to itself.
The colorful shops around this square can be a one-day trip for you.different types of Isfahan Handicrafts,Variety of souvenirs, anddifferent restaurants would be the best gift for your wife and a pest for your pocket.
This square and the surrounding markets, especially for women who love shopping, can be a great choice, though it can be a hesitant choice for men who are often fugitives.
Do not miss the hire-carriage, it can be a great choice.

2-Picnic at Sofe Mountain
Sufe Mountain close to Isfahan is one of the most important recreational areas of people.This mount with a height of 2500 meters can provide you a beautiful view of Isfahan.
The recreational facilities of this mountainous area will be the best place for people to attend the end of the week.
Participating in people picnic and getting acquainted with the hospitality culture of Iranian can be the best part of your journey.

3- Hasht Behesht Palace, In a beautiful garden
This beautiful Safavid palace is located in a beautiful garden close to Shah Abbasi Hotel.
The palace with its beautiful architecture is so beautiful that it is said by famous French architect André Godard”The octagonal palace with a section open on each side and with four canopy buildings in its four corners still retains the original and concise combination of the grace of the past”.
Surely when you visit this garden, you do not want to leave this palace.

4- Shaking Minarets
In the past, Minarjban was isolated from the city, but today it is part of it.This building is decorated with azure tiles and in different shapes.This building is one of the most interesting monuments,that by moving a minaret, not only will another minaret move, but all of this building will be shaken.

5- Zoroastrian fire Temple and an Iranian Kebab
At the beginning of the path, to the Shaking Minarets is located the 4000-year-old Zoroastrian fire temple.This is one of the most important historical documents of Isfahan.
If you are interested in non-fast food, you can trust most traditional restaurants on the edge of the Mount of Zoroastrian fire Temple and try a memorable noon with a barbecue, grilled chicken or the like.

6-Chehelston, magnificent palace
The Chehelsoton Garden has an area of 67,000 square meters
The architecture of this palace is a combination of Chinese, Iranian, and Western architecture
The paintings in the central hall of the palace, some of which are painted in the Qajar era, are the representation of Safavid kings.Walking along the pool of this complex can take you to the Safavid era.

7-A special offer for Kids , Bird Garden
The Najvan forest is one of the most beautiful areas of the Zayandehrud margin,which its good weather will be a wonderful day for you.In this beautiful park you can have a nice picnic day with people.The garden of birds along the Zayande Rood River, especially for those who enjoy the colorful birds, will make a good day.

8-  Julfa: A romantic neighborhood
The Armenian neighborhood of Isfahan, which is more famous than its beautiful architecture, has been considered with its coffee shops.
This area with Armenian architecture and a collection of monuments including churches and traditional houses can be one of your choices for tourism in Isfahan.In the streets around Julfa you can have a good choice for a dinner and a different night.

9-Zayande Rod River
It is so beautiful and lovely that it attracts everyone.This river, which is one of the characteristics of tourism in Isfahan, invites millions of tourists to Isfahan with numerous historical bridges annually.Coffee houses in Khaju Bridge in Esfahan with a tea can complete your trip to Isfahan.

10- Last One
Tell the tenth and last place for your friends to be written by your name.